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Interview: Tyler Oxford Talks Age Discrimination, 9-5 Jobs & More

Tyler Oxford

Interview: Tyler Oxford Talks Age Discrimination, 9-5 Jobs & More

An entrepreneur who’s overcome age discrimination and low funds, Tyler Oxford is well on his way to living his life his way.

What made you become an entrepreneur?

I became an entrepreneur at such a young age because I wanted to never have to be “normal,” as they say. I wanted to say no to the “normal” way that society thinks life should work: grow up, finish high school, go to college, get some boring job in an office from 9-5 everyday, pay bills and die. It sounds rough, but I wanted the challenges that come with being an entrepreneur. I want to show the people who told me I can’t that I can, and I will.

How’d you learn the ropes when starting a business?

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Research. I spent countless hours and many sleepless nights learning the ropes how young people like me can start businesses, make connections and succeed very early in life.

I learned a lot from Tai Lopez & Gary Vee most of all. They were and still are my top inspirations. I read so many blog posts, news articles, made so many connections and talked to so many new people who inspired me to chase what I had in mind, so I did.

What obstacles did you run into when starting a business and how’d you overcome them?

A big obstacle I ran into when I launched my first money-mentoring business was actually getting people to buy into your knowledge. It was really difficult for a 14 year-old at the time to tell people they know how to make money online and get them to pay to see it, but I got over it eventually, of course.

Some obstacles I ran into with my clothing brand (AnyWear Clothing Co.) was acquiring the funds to start and launch it & getting people to actually purchase my products.

What has been the most frustrating and rewarding aspect of entrepreneurship for you personally?

The most frustrating and rewarding aspect of entrepreneurship for me is my age.

I can’t even buy beer yet. When people discover how young I am, some turn away. It’s really hard for me when adults who tell you to chase your dreams are now telling you that you’re “too young to own a business.”

It’s been the most rewarding aspect for me also, as so many more people are excited to talk to me after hearing of my age. I’ve made so many connections with amazing people that I would’ve never spoke to if I haven’t started all this at a young age.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to other entrepreneurs?

Never stop grinding.

Always put at least a little bit of time into your brand, your website, your blog, whatever it is you do or want to do every single day. You need to work if you want to see results, you cannot expect success to come knocking on your door. That’s why so many people give up so early, they are stuck and believe they will not become successful. If you work hard at it, it’ll all come to you.

Especially for young entrepreneurs, do not let people tell you that you cannot do it because of your age. The people who tell you that, are people who grew up following the “normal life” mindset. Be different and chase the lifestyle you want to achieve.

Connect with Tyler on Instagram @tyleroxfordyt.


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Tyler Oxford
Tyler Oxford

Awesome post, thanks for featuring me! If anyone wants to connect, be sure to link me on Instagram.